Rise of the Intelligent Edge Era

Enterprise IT is entering a new frontier: the era of the intelligent edge.

The intelligent edge is where people, devices and things connect to the digital world. In the intelligent edge era, data is processed close to where it is generated to ensure real-time analysis drives new business outcomes.  

The emergence of the intelligent edge era is being driven by data in three ways: 

  • Volume and velocity of data: The amount of data generated in the world continues to expand exponentially. In the coming years the amount of global data created by connected IoT devices will be in the scores of zettabytes. 
  • The value of data: There has been a fundamental realization among enterprises that data of all types can be leveraged to improve internal operations, weather economic downturns, enhance customer experiences and expand business opportunities. 
  • Where data is processed: Data doesn’t reside solely in centralized data centers anymore; it is being created, and must be processed in real-time, at the edge. 

Enterprises have significant opportunity to benefit from the intelligent edge, but there is one central, key component that enables this new era: the network.

Data as the New Currency for Digital BusinessAnalyst Perspective