Data as the New Currency for Digital Business

Businesses around the globe are being disrupted by digital-native and digital-savvy companies.

Meanwhile, volatility in the macroeconomic environment remains. In response, organizations are relying on data to make informed decisions. Real-time data helps organizations outpace the competition, win new business and provide high-quality digital customer experiences. Data has become the new currency for digitally transforming businesses.  

Data and analytics are changing how enterprises operate  

Q. In the last 12 – 18 months has your organization done any of the following?

A recent IDC study of 310 large and mid-size enterprises in the U.S. found a significant portion beginning to use data to influence business operations. The survey found that 40% of enterprises were using new external data sources, while another 45% have begun using new internal data sources. This has led to 38% of companies creating new key performance indicators (KPIs) within their business and 55% of organizations reporting the use of new cloud-based business intelligence tools. The data assets enterprises are increasingly relying on for their business operations are more detailed, more diverse, and spread out across more locations. 

Enterprises need a platform for ensuring they can access this data, which is increasingly being created at the intelligent edge. The network is that platform. Too often, though, legacy network architectures and systems are not able to meet the needs of today’s digital-first, data-savvy businesses.

Challenges of Existing Platforms and ProcessesRise of the Intelligent Edge Era