Aruba ESP: Automate, Unify, and Protect the Intelligent Edge

Every decade or so, we’ve seen the technology market undergo major shifts. Over the past few decades, those shifts have been driven by mobility and cloud. With Aruba Mobile First Architecture, Aruba has led the charge in this era with industry-leading wired, wireless, and security solutions. In this new era that IDC predicts will include over 55B IoT devices connected worldwide by 2022, businesses are deploying compute, storage, and networking resources to the edge to convert IoT device data into new business outcomes. This is the Intelligent Edge. And again Aruba is leading this new era with Aruba ESP. Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) is the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native platform designed to automate, unify, and protect the Intelligent Edge.

Network performance and security has never been more critical to performance of the business than it is in the Intelligent Edge era. Provisioning network services and resolving issues faster, and protecting the environment from IoT devices, are paramount. Yet most IT teams still operate in silos and use labor-intensive static configurations to isolate IoT traffic, and few leverage automation and AI. These traditional methods are unsustainable in the Intelligent Edge era. 

Aruba ESP has four attributes to help organizations harness the potential of the Intelligent Edge: AIOps, Unified Infrastructure, Zero Trust Security, and Flexible Consumption and Financing. 

  • AIOps: Aruba AIOps is what gives Aruba ESP a “sixth sense” to help organizations identify and resolve issues before they impact the business. AIOps is the next generation of AI-powered network management that goes beyond AI-based problem identification to combine with automation to allow IT to ensure the network is available and performs at the level needed to ensure desired business outcomes are met.
  • Unified Infrastructure: Unified Infrastructure breaks down operational silos to provide a consistent operational experience across wired, wireless, and WAN; Campus, Branch, Data Center and Remote Worker. Using Aruba Central’s cloud-native single pane of glass to access Aruba ESP’s unified Data Lake, organizations see data correlated across all network domains and locations to quickly provision, monitor, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Zero Trust Security: Using AI, crowdsourcing, and deep packet inspection technologies, Aruba ESP eliminates the need for static configurations and manual processes for identifying and classifying IoT devices, and then ensures those devices only access relevant resources by working with centralized network access control policies that are enforced using policy enforcement firewalls on every access point, switch, and SD-WAN gateway device. 
  • Flexible Consumption and Financing: In the face of global economic challenges, businesses large and small need flexible ways to pay for and consume the technology they need to harness the potential of the Intelligent Edge. Aruba ESP can be deployed and managed from the cloud using subscription-based pricing, deployed and managed via an Aruba partner, or through NaaS using Aruba’s Managed Connectivity services. And using HPE Financial Services, Aruba ESP infrastructure can be financed using traditional financing, subscription programs, payment deferrals, and more to meet the needs of the Intelligent Edge.